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Annual Reports

Principal's Message

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The Year 12 graduates of the 2007 “Bossley” were mere Year 7 babes in 2002 – approximately 275 in number. With the journey through to Year 12, some 235 “survived”. It was my second year as principal – I was the very “experienced” person at the front, on stage during that January 31, 2002 welcome assembly in the school’s Multi-Purpose Centre.

Bossley remains a great school: I have counted my blessings ever since I gained my initial appointment as Principal. Our school is a mix of great students, highly supportive parents and very dedicated staff. The class of 2007, significantly contributed to the maintenance of the good standing within the educational and local communities. This year concluded the 20th year since the 1988 opening.

When you arrived in 2002, it was the Chinese Year of the horse. Through your journey to 2007, you passed through the years of the sheep (2003), the monkey (2004), the rooster (2005), the dog (2006) and finally into the year of the pig (2007). I will let you draw any conclusions you may wish to. Internationally, you managed to survive the International years of the mountains, freshwater, abolition of slavery and rice, sport and recreation, and in 2006, deserts.

Also through your high school life, do you remember the following ?:

  • 2002 Chechnya rebels killing 116 hostages, world population 6.25 billion
  • 2003 Iraq War / invasion, with Saddam Hussein being caught in December
  • 2004 Spain train bombing / Olympics in Athens / the tsunami in Indonesia
  • 2005 Pope John Paul passing away / London bombings
  • 2006 Middle east conflict continues / Saddam Hussein convicted
  • 2007 Mr Berry doesn’t return at the start of term 3 !! / you leave school !!

Our “fathers” of the school certainly showed a great deal of foresight when the motto and the school colours were determined in the late 1980s. Our motto of “Focussing on Excellence and Success”, certainly continues to drive me in my day-to-day work at school and my personal life. The black and white colours also guide me during the shorter and longer term issues I have had to and will continue to deal with. Indeed, it is these very 2 aspects that I wish to ponder on, in my thoughts of, and for, you – my parting message if you like.

Many people much wiser than I, would not argue on the need to aspire to and to continue to operate at a level of excellence. I learned from a very early age, that doing my best was most necessary: it is a personal trait that I still abide by and one I would surely recommend to you. Aligned with this are:

  • the need to have goals and aspirations and to regularly assess these. I feel it is a rather necessary to have a personal “road map”, and
  • to look at issues in an assertive way (perhaps “black and white”). This doesn’t mean that you always have to derive a conclusion, but I suggest if you have the intent of gaining a solution, this way tends to move you closer to achieving one.

I still have many of my school magazines (yes paper was invented then !!) and often look through them and ponder the “what could have beens” and reflect on what fellow students may now be doing. They were good days for me: I’m sure you will come to realise that your school days were the best – even though you may not have thought that on the way through. What I am sure you would now say is that attending such a fine school as Bossley was a real bonus.

In conclusion, often many people say to me that “they wouldn’t be a teacher”. Whilst I agree that it can be a very demanding career, it is at times such as Year 12 Graduations that you sit back and reflect on how young people have developed over time and how you think they will go later in life. Teaching is very much like parenting – hard, frustrating but with ultimate rewards.

Go out and make your mark but never forget to look back at where you have come from: always be aware of where you are heading. Further, I must “apologise” to those many students whom I counselled throughout the year (some on many occasions) about the number of times they were late / absent from school !! After all, being in Year 12 was all about doing your own thing – wasn’t it ?

Wherever you are now, have been to, or are heading toward, always remember that your best should always be near. Always remember to look back over your shoulder, reflect on where you have been, the influences and values you have been exposed to and how to take these forward with you. Don’t forget that you have been part of the “Bossley Family” and that whilst you may have left our school that the school has not left you !! Go out into the world and show the Bossley spirit and work ethic. Don’t wait for life to come to you, go out and get it.

Best wishes and fond memories.


Ian Parnaby
October 2007

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